BMW has made a reputation for being innovative, luxurious, durable, and having advanced engineering. The designers and engineers at BMW are not perfect and they have developed and marketed more than a few vehicles that never even tried to support the levels of excellence and style that BMW has become known for. 

One of the reasons that BMW has placed at least 10 of the worst cars on the market is an attempt to cover all facets of the automotive market instead of sticking with the things the company does best. These 10 are the worst BMWs and the price is only a small part of the fail.


This model was rated as the most repair intensive vehicle ever made by BMW according to trained BMW repair technicians. The idea is that if it could break it would and did with extreme regularity and predictability. The vehicle was designed to stay off the road and in the shop. The complexity of the mechanical design made replacement of something as simple as a hose a 30 hour project at mechanic rates.