Top 10 Best Automotive Water and Tint Squeegee Blades of 2019


When it comes to drying your car’s windows and windshields, you’ve got a few options. You can either use an air dryer, a terry cloth, drying chamois, or a good old squeegee. If you need to just clear the windshield of water, clean off your car to prevent water spots, or dry the sides of your RV, water blade squeegees are the go-to tool for doing just that.

Small squeegees are also utilized for applying bra films and tints in order to prevent air and water bubbles from getting caught underneath. Here are the best car squeegee blades for 2019.

10Red Jelly Blade by California Car Duster

This Red Jelly Blade squeegee by California Car Duster features a V-blade design to push water efficiently, an extension on one end for tight areas and the opposite end narrows down to a point for small, recessed areas. The overall versatility of this water squeegee blade is truly exceptional. The blade is medical grade silicone that will flex and conform around corners, allowing you to squeegee water from both flat and curved surfaces.

The extension end on one side will let you squeegee water away from compact areas, offering a much smaller squeegee blade when you need to dry smaller areas. The opposite end is much more narrow which will let you reach into recessed areas like side view mirrors. Ribs line the water squeegee to help give it stability when pushing water away.