Top 10 Best Car Amplifiers for 2019

Top-rated amplifiers are those that have the ability to create exceptional sounds when used in home theater systems and large audio setups. There are certain factors to consider when looking for an efficient amp. The amplifier must have

– an Ohm level that is sufficient for ideal system performance

– headroom that allows the speakers to receive clean and undistorted power from the amp

– power that matches twice the speaker’s continuous IEC power rating

The market is flooded with plenty amplifiers; it is important for buyers to choose wisely. See this list of top 10 best amplifiers.

Pioneer GM-D8601



You stand to get a good bang for your buck and power with the Pioneer GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier. It is a relatively low-cost amp that does more than its price. From as little as 40 Hz to as much as 240 Hz, you can conveniently adjust your subwoofer with this Pioneer amp. In fact, you can effectively turn up or turn down the bass level through a wired bass control module even without physically going to the amp.

Kenwood KAC-8406



For a very long time now, Kenwood has been in the business of making quality amplifiers for numerous custom audio systems. Along with its ability to power small to medium sized subwoofers, the Kenwood KAC-8406 4-channel amplifier has proven to be an excellent product for powering regular component speakers. While supporting a non-overpowering subwoofer and other component speakers, you can hook up speakers on its 4 channels. This amplifier presents you with both Kenwood low cost and Kenwood quality.

Pioneer GMA3602



Rated at 400 watts max, this is a much small and less powerful speaker amplifier. It is a 2-channel bridgeable amp that can easily flow along with any RCA compatible outputs. You stand to receive pretty good sound levels with little or no background noise as it features a signal-to-noise ratio of about 95dB. It has a varying frequency response from 10 Hz to 70 kHz. Along with a maximum continuous power output of 180 watts per channel, a continuous power in 60 watts per channel and 90 watts per channel is also available.

Rockford Fosgate R750-10



With a high rated power ranging from 750-watt amps at 1-ohm, 600-watt amps at 2-ohms to 250-watt amps at 4-ohms, the Rockford Fosgate R750-10 Class D Mono Amplifier is designed for moderately high and deep hitting subwoofers. This amp is perfectly designed to work with a subwoofer set. It features +18dB boost at 45Hz, an onboard Punch EQ and 12sB/octave Butterworth crossover infrasonic filter. Additionally, various adjustments can also be done on it such as Gain, Infrasonic Filter Hz, Freq Hz and Punch EQ.

Kenwood KAC-9106D



When it comes to creating some serious knocking under the trunk, the powerful mono subwoofer amplifier is a perfect leader to follow. At peaks, it this amp can push past 2,000-watt amps. Even without using the dial on the amp, you can tap into its full volume and bass level when combined with a bass boost. Price is reasonable for a highly powerful amp of this quality.

Rockford Fosgate R250X1



The R250X1 is a subwoofer amplifier designed by Rockford Fosgate. This 1-channel monoblock amp can efficiently power your subwoofer (ranging from small to medium size). Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Prime 1-Channel Subwoofer Amplifier has a flawless compatibility with OEM/aftermarket head units. Along with a few adjustable such as Gain, Phase, Freq Hz, and Punch EQ, it also has high-level input, remote punch level input, and RCA inputs.

Alpine PDX-V9



“Expensive audio equipment” is often the first thing that comes to mind whenever the name “Alpine” is mentioned. No doubt, Alpine manufactures subwoofers, speakers and audio amps of exceptionally high-quality. This 5-channel digital amplifier from Alpine is designed to power one or two subwoofers and an entire component speaker. This model is rated for 500 watts RMS for 1 channel, 100 watts RMS for 4 channels, and 1,600 watts MAX. Even without having to go through the back you can easily access its essentials from the front panel controls.

JL Audio XD700/5



Due to its ability to handle multiple component speakers with two or more subwoofers, JL Audio XD700/5 can be said to be the powerhouse of an amplifier. As an audiophile’s dream amp, it supports a plethora of adjustable buttons that can be bounded right at the back. Even with its petite size, this amp can create clearer mid and high sounds than many other amps in the same range.

Alpine MRX-M110



This amplifier will make an excellent choice if you are looking to run BIG power to your subs. Bear in mind that the amp you choose depends on how much you are trying to power. Unlike most class-d amps, this monoblock subwoofer amplifier from Alpine features built-in Subsonic Filter and Bass EQ controls. It is designed to feed the subwoofers with clean and crisp sound. This Alpine is the amp to go for if you’d want to have a reachable bass controller.

JL Audio JX1000/1D



This is simply the best amplifier to get. When it comes to quality and cost, they are top notch. Only very few amplifiers can power big subwoofers without stress and this awesome monoblock Class D amp is just one of them. This compact amp measures 11 inches in length, 7.75 inches in width and 2 inches in height. Ranging from 0 to +12 dB, this amp features a variable Bass Boost control centered at 45 Hz.


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